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Columbus taco truck owner invited to Washington D.C. to meet Vice President Kamala Harris

Columbus taco truck owner invited to Washington D.C. to meet Vice President Kamala Harris

Jack McLaughlin

Lisa Guiterrez, the owner of the popular Columbus food truck (and soon to be Easton brick and mortar) Dos Hermanos, received an email invitation to meet Vice President of the United States Kamala Harris on Oct. 4.

But, as the actual meet-up date in the email was list as Oct. 6, employees were at first skeptical of the invitation’s veracity.

“Obviously, our first thought was this is fake,” said Dos Hermanos Operations Director Maria Sáenz de Santa María. “It was two days later.”


However, after some research, and a lot of time spent wading through information the email provided, Guiterrez and Dos Hermanos realized the invitation was legitimate.

So two days later, Guiterrez boarded an airplane (after a mandatory COVID test, of course) and traveled to Washington D.C. to meet Kamala Harris at the Vice President’s Washington DC residence.

Eventually, Dos Hermanos discovered they were selected to meet Harris through the Small Business Administration. 

Afterwards, Guiterrez and Dos Hermanos received a photo of the meeting, but there was a catch: They were initially told under no uncertain terms that the photo couldn’t be shared. After a few emails from Dos Hermanos’ Marketing Manager–and nearly a month’s worth of time later–they were given clearance to share the photo, and the eatery did so for the first time yesterday.

“Of course we wanted to share it, we’re so proud,” Sáenz de Santa María said. “Starting in a food truck on the side of the road to where we are now, it’s huge.”

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