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Dirty Frank’s opening unique new location this week

Dirty Frank’s opening unique new location this week

Jack McLaughlin

The ever-popular Dirty Frank’s Hot Dog Palace is opening an eatery in a fun—and fitting—new location.

Starting May 26, it will be launching Dirty Frank’s Upper Deck, a hot dog eatery located on the 3rd floor of Huntington Park. 

The new location will take over a portion of the rooftop, where hungry fans will even be able to try out the new Strike Out Dog.


The new location will be open through at least he the rest of the Clippers’ 2022 campaign, and could potentially become an even more permanent fixture.

“We’re currently slingin’ through this season and look forward to a long-term partnership,” said Dirty Frank’s co-owner Miriam Ailabouni. “We all know hot dogs & baseball have always made the perfect pair. It’ll be a blast serving Columbus Clippers fans dogs and loaded tots on Dirty Frank’s Upper Deck.”

Dirty Frank’s Upper Deck will be open for night games on Thursday, and all games Friday through Sunday.

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