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Five Columbus sandwiches perfect for fall

Five Columbus sandwiches perfect for fall


Now that the weather has cooled and the trees have lost their greenery, there’s something about hearty food that sounds so much more appealing. Maybe it’s psychological, maybe it’s not. Either way, one thing is for sure: fall is sandwich season, so we’ve compiled a list of five local sandwiches perfect for the cool weather. Dig in!

Icarus Sandwich Shop, Italian-ish 

The owners of Fox in the Snow launched their own sandwich shop, and we’re pretty glad they did. One of their hearty flagship sandwiches, the Italian-ish, is layered with sopressata salami, buffalo mozzarella, pesto and sundried tomato spread on a sesame seed focaccia bun. 

You can also get this one vegetarian, if you’re after comfort flavors minus the meat.

Feed Me Sandwich Kings, Chicken Moo & Nellie 

This lunch spot is nestled in the heart of Old Town East, and it’s definitely worth a stop if you find yourself hungry and on Main Street. Their flagship sandwich, the Chicken Moo & Nellie, combines chicken with sautéed onion and garlic, baby bell peppers, muenster cheese, fresh romaine lettuce,  and a toasted Cellone’s hoagie bun, sliced to order and covered in Moo & Nellie Sauce. All sandwiches are served with their seasoned fries as well.


The Lox Bagel Shop, The Lox 

Because breakfast needs sandwiches too, The Lox Bagel Shop is here. Built on bagel sandwiches, the sleek High Street eatery’s namesake sandwich combines capers, onions, cucumbers and cream cheese (with pastrami lox as an add-on) that’s served up on a hand-rolled bagel.

Katzinger’s Deli, Reuben

At one of the most iconic delis in Central Ohio, why not reach for their most iconic sandwich: a classic reuben made with hot corned beef, sauerkraut, Swiss cheese and Russian dressing on grilled rye. Their best-selling sandwich is served half or whole. Plus, the deli offers a bin of pickles that patrons can help themselves to.

Wario’s Beef & Pork, The Steak

Ever since A&R Creative alum Stephan Madias opened Wario’s in the Arena District, Columbus has been clamoring for more. And for good reason.

One of their flagship sandwiches, simply called The Steak, features whole muscle ribeye (an unconventional cut for cheesesteaks), freshly chopped onions and house-made cheddar whiz that’s poured on steaming hot. The sandwich is served on a fresh semolina roll and is more than big enough to share.


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