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From lemon-blueberry milkshakes to broken onion rings, here’s our guide to Swensons’ secret menu

From lemon-blueberry milkshakes to broken onion rings, here’s our guide to Swensons’ secret menu

Jack McLaughlin

Since Swensons Drive-in Restaurants has been around for nearly 90 years, it’s understandable that the fast food outfit has amassed quite the menu. 

“We’ve picked up a ton of cool items,” said Sr. Director of Marketing Kevin Howley. 

What has also grown though, is the Swensons “secret” menu, a list of items that Howley said has grown organically as fans experiment with favorite items. 


What follows is a short list of the greatest hits–off-menu items that have had enough staying power that people have ordered them again and again. 

  1. The Triple Cheeseburger, Galley Boy Style: What to do when two patties just won’t cut it? You up the ante, outfitting your Triple Cheeseburger with the Galley Boy’s popular two secret sauces. 
  2. The Grilled Cheese with Coney Sauce: Here, Swensons devotees have married two of their favorite things: The Grilled Cheese sandwich and the Coney sauce that comes with the Sloppy Joe sandwich.
  3. The Spicy Chicken Sandwich: Some like it hot. And when you want to kick your favorite menu item up a notch, you go rogue and order the Crispy Chicken Sandwich with Cajun spice. Boom. You’re welcome. 
  4. Broken Onion Rings: Yes, it sounds a bit silly. But what you’re really creating here is your very own Onion Ring Bites. Doesn’t that sound fancy now? Perfect for dipping into your favorite sauce. 
  5. The Lemon-Blueberry Milkshake: Swensons has 18 different milkshake flavors, and according to Howley, customers are always playing around with combinations. A popular summer flavor? Lemon Blueberry. See also Orange and Vanilla for a creamsicle vibe, and Peanut Butter and Hot Fudge with Malt. Yum.

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