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Here’s when Dublin’s unique new Jimmy Hoffa-themed bar is set to open

Here’s when Dublin’s unique new Jimmy Hoffa-themed bar is set to open

Sarah Sole

Those waiting to visit the newest venture from the owners of Meatball Mafia will have to wait just a little while longer. 

Missing Jimmy’s, a new bar coming to 55 S. High St. in Dublin, is slated to open in late July, according to Robert DelliQuadri. 

DelliQuadri, who co-owns Missing Jimmy’s and Meatball Mafia with his brother, Vinnie, said the opening timeline for the new space was pushed back a month because of an electrical issue. 


When it opens, the space will have nearly 50 seats and a capacity for about 70 people. DelliQuadri said he wanted the space to feel like a laid-back spot where visitors could get a beer and grab some food. 

“We’re going for that kind of feel,” he said. 

The space will include a bar, tables, TVs, and a room that can be rented for private parties. 

As the name suggests, Missing Jimmy’s will have a theme that borrows heavily from 70s Americana—think unions and mafia. The space will feature vintage (non-operable) jukeboxes, and tables will be adorned with themed memorabilia, such as matchbooks from the restaurant where eponymous union leader Jimmy Hoffa disappeared. And some decor—such as stickers featuring the likeness of former U.S. Rep. Jim Traficant—will also pay homage to the DelliQuadris’ native Youngstown. 

DelliQuadri plans to offer frozen wine slushies and boozy root beer floats in addition to beer. The menu will feature many of the items found at Meatball Mafia, though the pizzas will be 8-inch, pan-style personal pies. 

The owners haven’t finalized hours just yet, but DelliQuadri said they plan to open sometime in the afternoon and close around midnight. Initially the space will be closed Mondays and Tuesdays, but over the long term, DelliQuadri hopes to open seven days a week. 

“I’m so pumped to do a bar,” he said.

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