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It’s official: Wendy’s introduces new Frosty flavor

It’s official: Wendy’s introduces new Frosty flavor

Jack McLaughlin

Last week–with the help of a then-unconfirmed leaked memo–614Now wrote that Wendy’s was possibly on the verge of releasing its Strawberry Frosty to the American public for the first time ever.

Yesterday afternoon, the Ohio-based restaurant chain confirmed the news: The Strawberry Frosty is very real, and it’s available now.

“You asked for it, we answered,” a press release from Wendy’s reads. “As the most-requested fan item, this fruity addition to Wendy’s famous Frosty lineup merges the same creamy, frozen texture fans know and love with the flavor punch of sweet delectable strawberries.”


Wendy’s didn’t say exactly how long the next frozen treat will be around, but it will be offered for a limited time only. 

And while this is all good news, fans of the Vanilla Frosty might want to take a seat for this next part. Wendy’s added that the Strawberry frosty will be replacing its Vanilla counterpart while it’s offered.

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