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Meet the pizza ghost kitchen that’s entirely Columbus-themed

Meet the pizza ghost kitchen that’s entirely Columbus-themed

Jack McLaughlin

Most of us have eaten pizza while in Columbus, but how many have enjoyed pizza inspired by Ohio’s capital city?

If you haven’t before, now you can, since a local ghost kitchen concept is providing you with a wide variety of Columbus-themed pies.

Say hello to C-Buzz pizza.


C-Buzz Pizza, is located at 1282 Essex Ave, the commercial Cloud Kitchen space that many other virtual and delivery-only brands call home. This means patrons can order pizza for delivery and pickup, but cannot dine in.

The ghost kitchen, which incorporates honey on all of their speciality pizza in some form (although it can be asked for on the side), includes pizzas like Goodale Honey Pepperoni, Blue Jacket’s Honey Jalapeño, and Short North Sausage Honey.

“We wanted to do a honey pizza concept and came up with the name C-Buzz Pizza,” said co-owner Peter Ostacowicz. “We thought that the Columbus theme after the name just made sense.”

You can find a full menu and hours, or grab your own Columbus-inspired pizza here.

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