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New Clintonville pizzeria officially opens its doors

New Clintonville pizzeria officially opens its doors

Jack McLaughlin

Not long after Papa Giorgio’s closed its second location in Clintonville, a new concept called Pizza Pizza 007 decided to take over the shop.

And now, they’ve officially opened for business.

According to owner Mustafa Khalil, the eatery opened its doors last week. The new pizzeria is located at 3027 Indianola Ave. in Clintonville.


Pizza Pizza 007 offers salads, Garlic Fingers, wings, gyros, subs and a variety of specialty pizzas with several interesting new twists, such as their Donair Pizza. Inspired by the popular Canadian dish of the same name, the pizza features donair meat, onions, and tzatziki or red sauce with mozzarella cheese.

According to Khalil, while the storefront has been busy, staffing has been an issue for the new pizzeria, which is currently hiring part-time and full-time workers.

The Clintonville restaurant is open from 11-4 a.m. daily.

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