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Popular Buckeye vendor has food cart, personal car stolen

Popular Buckeye vendor has food cart, personal car stolen

Jack McLaughlin

The Buckeye Lady has created one of the most popular confectionery brands in Columbus with her unique stuffed buckeyes, and that brand took a hit yesterday when owner Alicia Hindman had both her food cart and personal vehicle stolen.

According to Hindman, the cart was stored overnight in her car. The car (with food cart inside) was stolen at 5 a.m. on Sunday. 

“I had back to back events so it was easier to keep it inside my car, I never dreamed someone would steal my entire car,” Hindman said.


The vehicle was stolen from the Crestview area of Clintonville, approximately one block from The Crest Gastropub.

The cart, which Hindman says weighs approximately 200 pounds, features Buckeye Lady branding on all sides. She said if it’s stripped of its signage, it will have either plain white vinyl or stainless steel sides, depending on how much is removed. Her car is a champagne-colored, 2018 Honda CRV. The car’s license plate is GDA966.

While The Buckeye Lasy has a production facility and retail space, she noted the cart is a critical component of her business as well.

“The cart is such a huge part of my company, rented for weddings, corporate events and farmers markets. I am so devastated,” Hindman said.

If you believe you’ve seen her car or food cart, call Columbus Police at 614-645-4545.

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