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Recapping the funniest April Fools’ Day pranks from Columbus bars and restaurants

Recapping the funniest April Fools’ Day pranks from Columbus bars and restaurants

Jack McLaughlin

April Fools’ Day is in the books at this point, but since Columbus bars and restaurants really showed up for the prankster holiday this year, we’ve decided a recap is in order.

While we can’t possibly touch on everything, we’ve compiled a handful of restaurant pranks that range from disgusting menu items to ridiculous acquisitions. Here are our favorites.

Echo Spirits, Barrel-Aged Milk

Since so many fine spirits (and now even some beers) are barrel-aged to perfection, why not extend this practice to other beverages? Well, sure, just as long as this doesn’t include dairy products. Like milk.

Tasty Dawg, Hot Dog Martini

And speaking of unfathomable drink ideas, Tasty Dawg dropped this monstrosity—which owner Tom Dailey joked was made using hot dog broth and yellow mustard—on April 1. We’re just happy it was a joke.


Buckeye Donuts, Buckeye Gyros Rebrand

While Buckeye Donuts was founded by Greek natives over 50 years ago, and the storied campus spot does offer a wide variety of other food options, a pivot to gyros is probably not the eatery’s best option. Just saying.

Seventh Son, The Billion-Dollar Bottling Facility

We’re going to come clean with you Columbus: This one actually fooled us for a minute. We eventually noticed the price and realized it was a joke, but hey, we’re never opposed to seeing a hard-working Columbus spot moving on up. had this been legitimate.

Mikey’s Late Night Slice, Weed Pizza

Ok, so Mikey’s technically posted this on a previous April Fools’ Day, but they mentioned it again this year, so we thought it made the cut. Because truthfully, in age where almost anything can be CBD-infused, this idea doesn’t seem absolutely out of the question.

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