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The Dirty Frank’s food truck has been stolen

The Dirty Frank’s food truck has been stolen

Jack McLaughlin

The Columbus food truck thefts continue, and this time, one of the city’s most popular casual eateries is the victim.

Yesterday evening, Dirty Frank’s Hot Dog Palace posted a video showing the eatery’s food truck as it was stolen from the Dirty Frank’s Commissary near the intersection of Huntley Road and Schrock Road.

According to Dirty Frank’s co-owner Miriam Ailabouni, the truck was stolen on Saturday.


“We’ve had the generator stolen before, but nothing big like this. I’m hoping they just wanted the generator. Not sure what they’d do with [the truck],” she said.

Dirty Frank’s poated a video of the theft, which you can watch here.

“Welp, this blows Weiners. Our food truck was stole in the Worthington area at our commissary near Huntley and Shrock rd.,” the statement reads.

If you have any information about theft, contact the Worthington Police at 614-885-4463.

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