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The Weekender: Roasted chicken

The Weekender: Roasted chicken

Alyson Strickler-Vazquez

There is a chill in the air, which means we all are looking for a warm meal. Nothing compares to the sights and smells of a beautifully roasted chicken, especially with generations of family gathered around the table. Roasted chicken has become my obligatory Sunday meal, and I am sharing three of my favorite Columbus restaurants that get me excited for Sunday supper. Sometimes, simple dishes show the true talent of remarkable chefs.

RH Rooftop Restaurant creates an experience that tingles all the senses with delectable food, offering unmatched ambiance, agile service, and impeccable presentation. RH’s Roasted Half Chicken is thoughtfully served in a small silver roasting pan fit for the ‘Gram. This soulful dish delicately layers a broken-down half chicken atop smooth potato puree and creates a deep brown au jus moat. The most notable part of this meal is the small cloves of confit garlic that at first may go overlooked, but when you discover them lingering at the edges, they add complexity and sweetness to an already exceptional course.


Must-haves – Get an order of their chocolate chip and sea salt cookies to go!

Matt and Tony’s Wood Fired Kitchen’s Fennel Crusted Rotisserie Chicken uses my personal all-hail spice blend of crushed fennel seeds, fresh thyme, chopped garlic, crushed red pepper, and marjoram. Some of these spices may be new to you, but I guarantee you will have one flavorful bird! Heartfelt and complex, this rendition of roasted chicken departs from the more traditional styles Columbus has served. Accompanied by fluffy whipped potato peaks and vibrant broccoli, this chicken deserves to be served in an intimate bistro along the shores of the Mediterranean.

The Barn at Rocky Fork Creek excels at western-style ranch cooking. Prep on The Barn’s Roasted Half Chicken begins with a four-hour saltwater brine followed by a spice rub of paprika, cayenne, salt, and pepper. The flavors develop as the chicken is slow-roasted, keeping it moist and creating the ideal browned skin. Finished with a silky lemon butter sauce, the chicken is juicy and tender and served with asparagus and an ancient grain trio of rice, quinoa, and farro. The acidity and brightness of the lemon genuinely complement the subtle spice rub, allowing the simplicity of the chicken to shine.

In the know – Ask for the Whiskey Book…they even offer Bourbon flights.

These quintessential roasted chicken dishes are guaranteed to lift your spirit and feel like a warm hug from your favorite person. 

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