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Guy Fieri supports a plan to rename the Columbus Library “Flavortown HQ”

Guy Fieri supports a plan to rename the Columbus Library “Flavortown HQ”

Jack McLaughlin

When the Mayor of Flavortown speaks, people listen. And spoken he has.

For those not in the know, a now-famous (and like the library’s post, facetious) petition on is titled “Change the Name of Columbus, Ohio to Flavortown.”

Food Network mega-star Guy Fieri often refers to Flavortown in his TV segments, and even describes himself as the Mayor of Flavortown in his Twitter bio. The petition, which has racked up more than 100,000 signatures, plays off this.


On Tuesday, the Columbus Library tweeted “If we get every single resident of Columbus to get a library card this month we’ll rename our Main Library to Flavortown HQ.”

And while it’s unclear whether or not the Columbus Library intended for Fieri to actually see the tweet, he did. And he responded.

“Lets make it happen Columbus,” the Food Network Star Responded.

Time to sign up for those library cards, Columbus! There aren’t even 900,000 resident in the city, we’ve totally got this.

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