This gas station is offering gas at under $4 a gallon through the July 4 weekend

Jack McLaughlin

Today, when paying more than five dollars for a single gallon of gas is commonplace, saving money any way we can helps.

And we have just the thing for that.

Sheetz, the Pennsylvania-based gas station and fast food brand, has announced it will temporarily slash gas prices though the July 4 weekend. Through next Monday, Unleaded 88 gasoline will cost $3.99 per gallon at Sheetz, and E85 fuel will cost $3.49 per gallon.


While cheaper, E85 is not compatible with all cars and trucks. Vehicles typically must have a flex-fuel designation in order to safely use it. Make sure to check your owner’s manual before filling up with it.

As the July 4 holiday weekend is typically known as one of the busiest travel days of the year–AAA recently predicted just shy of 48 million people will travel for the weekend–any break we can get on gas prices is welcome.

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