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This new craft cocktail from a legendary brand female golfer is now available in Columbus

This new craft cocktail from a legendary brand female golfer is now available in Columbus

Jack McLaughlin

Fizzy Beez, a new women-owned craft cocktail brand created by Hall-of-Fame golfer, Annika Sorenstam, and her husband, Mike McGee, has landed in Columbus.

At the height of the pandemic, the couple was on the hunt for a pre-mixed cocktail that balanced flavor with real ingredients, but it always eluded them.

“We were introduced to some drinks that had no flavor; they were just watered-down RTDs,” Annika said. “We also found the opposite — cocktails with flavor but they had almost 300 calories and tons of sugar. We knew there was an opportunity in the market for classic, flavorful cocktails without all the calories and sugar.”

After mixing in their kitchen and trying different versions, the duo came up with four tasty recipes. Mike came up with the name, Fizzy Beez, based on Annika being a “busy bee.” To make the drinks different and provide just the right balance of sweetness they also added a touch of ethically farmed organic honey. This afforded Fizzy Beez not only a catchy theme, but also a beverage that was appropriately sweet and clocked in at only 140 calories and 6-to-10 grams of carbs.

As she further developed the idea, Annika contacted her pickleball friend and accomplished entrepreneur, Kathy Johanson, and asked her to join the hive.

They took their kitchen formula to a flavoring company outside Los Angeles and after rounds and rounds of tastings, Fizzy Beez was finally born.

It isn’t just their balanced flavor that makes the new drinks so popular. They have nothing artificial — they’re all natural and Gluten-free, Kosher, and made with real fruit juices. Just simple ingredients that consumers will feel good about.

“It’s also all about the convenience; unlike regular cocktails, you can take them anywhere,” Annika said. “They’re perfect for the beach, camping, boating, and, of course, golfing. Our tag line is ‘make it ‘eezy!’”

Fizzy Beez features four classic flavors: Cosmo, Margarita, Mojito and Moscow Mule. Inspired by classic drink recipes, the touch of organic honey gives a fun and wholesome new twist to these old-time favorites.

Both Annika and Kathy have philanthropic backgrounds, so they wanted to make sure their better kind of cocktail was connected to a better kind of good. The Fizzy Beez Promise is a pledge to donate a portion of company proceeds to local beekeepers and farmers to help preserve the pollinator ecosystem.

Fizzy Beez showed well recently at the Seltzerland Festival in Columbus, being voted #3 in the “Overall Favorite” category, #3 in “Best RTD/Canned Cocktail”, and #2 in “Best Packaging Design.” While these accolades are proof of how quickly the brand is growing – you can find Fizzy Beez in a Columbus store near you using this location feature – don’t expect Annika and Kathy to slow down anytime soon.

“I didn’t get where I am in golf by waking up and having the trophies handed to me,” Annika said. “Just like golf, business is about committing to the daily grind and analyzing all available data while remaining true to yourself. With those ingredients for success, I’m excited to see where we can take Fizzy Beez.” 


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