A new scoop shop just opened in Grandview, featuring ice cream from Ohio’s oldest dairy

Jack McLaughlin

Here’s the (grand) scoop, Columbus: a new ice cream shop just opened in Grandview, and it’s a pretty big deal.

Toft’s Grand Scoop, a highly anticipated scoop shop that serves Toft’s Ice Cream, is ready for some action. Their doors open at 11am daily, and they’ll have your sweet tooth covered until 9pm. “We may not have all our furniture in place yet (don’t worry, we’re working on it!), but we couldn’t wait to serve you our delicious ice cream creations!” their Facebook post reads.

This new ice cream parlor is located at 1288 W. 5th Ave, at the now-closed Dragon Donuts location. They serve Toft’s Ice Cream, which is from a 120 year old family dairy in Northern Ohio. Toft’s Ice Cream shop in Sandusky is considered one of the best ice cream parlors there.


At Toft’s Grand Scoop, you can choose from 24 different Toft’s flavors, as well as milkshakes, flurries, vanilla soft serve, and even customizable ice cream sandwiches. “We have homemade cookie options, and when you come in, you get to choose your cookie, and get to choose the ice cream you want on it,” said Wymer. They’re also thinking about offering a hot chocolate bar in the colder months, and hopefully soon, vegan pineapple Dole Whip.

Toft’s Grand Scoop owners, Kevin & Brittany Steidel and Zachary Wymer, met when Zachary started working at the Steidel’s concession stand at only 16 years old. This concession stand, 365 Midwest Concessions, has sold Toft’s Ice Cream at local pools and parks for the past couple of years. When Zachary came back to Ohio after graduating from college in North Carolina, he reconnected with Kevin and Brittany, and now they’re planning on co-operating Toft’s Grand Scoop together. “It felt natural to continue this partnership,” said Zachary. “It’s certainly full circle.”

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