From Kahiki to the Continent, (614) Magazine dives into the weird and wonderful Columbus that shaped our city

Jack McLaughlin

While Kahiki Supper Club and the former penitentiary that once blotted out most of the Arena District are long gone today, we’ve taken a look at them in the cover section of our March 2023 issue, alongside photos and the histories of other skyline-defining buildings that are still standing, from the LeVeque to the Rodes Tower.

For those of you who remember The Continent, the vibrant outdoor mall that functioned much like Easton Town Center does today, only 50 years ago, we’ve done a deep-dive there, too.

You can read the new issue here.

Our new issue also features the same great food and drink coverage you’ve known to love, in addition to a whole lot about Columbus homes and neighborhoods: from a pair of spring suburban spotlights, to a tiny homes marker and even home design tips for the plant-lover.

With warmer weather on its way, welcome to March 2023.


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