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Meet the official ranch dressing connoisseurs of Columbus

Meet the official ranch dressing connoisseurs of Columbus

Jack McLaughlin

Central Ohio residents fiercely defend their favorite tacos, and online discussions about whose Columbus-style pizza reigns supreme are fought tooth and nail.

And if all this food deserves its own little corner of the Internet, Steve Landes thought, ranch dressing surely does too.

So, earlier this year, Landes created the “Ranch Connoisseurs of Columbus…and the World!” Facebook group.


“There are ‘connoisseurs’ of Columbus groups for everything, why not ranch,” he told 614Now. “I’m a bit of an absurdist and I found it amusing how heated the conversations can get comparing pizza, wings, etc, but who’d wanna fight about ranch? So I figured why not give a ranch group a go.”

According to Landes, and a quick look through the content itself, the Ranch Connoisseurs group straddles an interesting line between satire and bonafide ranch professionalism: Memes and saucy video clips stand side by side with serious ranch reviews, and an assortment of “My top Columbus ranch” lists.

And this blurry middle ground is exactly how Landes envisioned things.

“I think it’s a space for both. Wanna post a goofy ranch or food meme in general? Go for it! Wanna give us your top five? Do that too. Ranch lovers want to know!”

While the group has only been around since Feb. 28, it’s growing fast. You can request to join here.

And if you’re wondering what the city’s best ranch is, we made sure to get Landes’ take on the matter.

“Man, that’s a tough one. Years ago I convinced Hot Chicken Takeover to bring their truck to a rugby event and I may have walked away with a gallon of their ranch,” he said. “Not gonna say how long that lasted in my fridge or if I poured that stuff on everything (hours. I did.), but that one is probably still at the top of my list.”

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