From the top new spots to a regional style guide and more, our newest issue of Stock & Barrel is for pizza lovers

Jack McLaughlin

Whether it’s a hefty Detroit slice or a thin and crispy Columbus-style pie, the pizza offerings in the Arch City are as diverse as the toppings on an All-the-Way from Tommy’s. 

Our Fall 2023 issue of Stock & Barrel takes a massive slice out of the Columbus pizza scene, digging into everything from the best new pizzerias to a series of profiles on the fascinating people behind the city’s pizza.

The issue also contains a regional style guide to pizza from Ohio, Illinois, Pennsylvania and Michigan, because while Detroit-style and Chicago deep dish are household names, varieties like Brier Hill and Altoona-style pizzas are under the radar gems that you may not have heard about before.


So no matter which style you prefer, or which Columbus spot you pound the table for, there’s plenty of pizza to go around. Grad a slice, and dig into The Pizza Issue.

You can read the entire issue for free below as well.

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