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Just in time for Halloween, here are some OSU roommate horror stories

Just in time for Halloween, here are some OSU roommate horror stories

Kat Gallaugher

Roommates: almost everyone has had one. They are strangers that you have to spend a lot of your time with and that you hope won’t be a total creep.

Many students’ worries include messiness, lack of boundaries and bringing people over late at night.

When people are about to start college, one of their biggest fears is having a crazy roommate, and with these Ohio State University roommate horror stories it’s no wonder that’s the case. From aggression to messiness and more, these local stories will make you glad they aren’t your own.

The Recording Roommate

One second year student, Abby shared how her former roommate would share stories of unhinged behavior, 

“She jumped out of trees on the Oval to attack unsuspecting people,” which made Abby fearful that her roommate would have similar behavior towards her. Later, Abby found out her roommate had been recording her “for about an hour” when she wasn’t in the room.

Luckily for her, Abby’s roommate was removed from the dorm but unfortunately they still run into another once in a while on campus.

A Big Mess

Another second-year student anonymously said some of the messy and disgusting habits of one of her roommates from freshman year.

Her roommate had a habit of “drunkenly throw up all over the bathroom floor and mini rugs, leave it overnight and not clean it up in the morning,” said this source, leaving the other roommates to deal with her mess, never once apologizing.

Though that story may make you sick to your stomach, just be grateful it isn’t yours.

Risqué Rumors

Another OSU student McKayla had another uncomfortable story. Her former roommate spread rumors to the entire floor that she was having—let’s call it intimate time— while her roommate was asleep.

In a nightmarish reality, McKayla tried to set the rumors straight but by the time she found out about them, her roommate had switched rooms and moved to the other end of the hall.

Similarly, an anonymous source shared that their now former roommate would sneak partners in while he was sleeping. This was a common issue among roommates at OSU with multiple roommate stories of no-so-secret flings.

After hearing stories like these it’s no wonder people will be cautious when moving in with a stranger. These may make you a lot more wary of who you’re living with, that’s probably for the best.

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