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The best ‘hangover food’ on campus, according to 614feast

The best ‘hangover food’ on campus, according to 614feast

Anthony O'Connell

Waking up post-party with your head pounding and your stomach growling – yep, we’ve all been there. And why is it always so bright?

From greasy spoons to eating clean vegan dishes, I’m giving you the lowdown on where to refuel after a night of legendary Buckeye debauchery. So, put on those sunglasses, chug some water, and let’s dive into the most epic treat-your-hangover restaurants around campus. 

HangOverEasy (1646 Neil Ave)
The HOE menu will make you feel so good. They have tons of hits like their chicken and waffles, frog eyes, and my suggested item the B.E.C. black pepper bacon, scrambled eggs, American cheese, bacon aioli and pantless jam on a bun. Served with hoe fries.

No photo description available.
Frog Eyes, via HOE’s Facebook

E Burger (1437 N High St) 

Vegan Tendy Basket with 4 house-breaded Tindle Tenders. And no, they’re not ‘Tinder Tenders’ – ‘Tindle’ is a blend of soy and wheat protein, offering a texture like chicken. Served with seasoned organic fries, you get one sauce option included. Pro tip: spring for an extra sauce. The herb ranch and buffalo sauce combo? Absolutely iconic.

Photo via E Burger’s Instagram

Emmett’s Cafe (2571 Neil Ave)

Their Breakfast Burrito is a hangover’s nemesis: scrambled eggs, creamy avocado, Monterey jack cheese, prosciutto, crunchy tots, all wrapped up with a kick of chipotle aioli, plus a side of fresh salsa.

Photo via Emmett’s Instagram


Jack & Benny’s Old North Diner (2563 N High St)
This greasy spoon has been open for 27 years. Their famous Gut Buster: a towering stack of 1 hash brown, 1 potato pancake, 1 bacon, 1 ham, 1 egg, 1 sausage patty & cheese; all stacked & topped with country gravy & toast.

Photo of the Gut Buster by Holly Jo J. via Yelp

Crunchwerks (2210 Summit St)
Chips and House Guacamole, a smooth start to ease your stomach back into the game. Then, tackle the Vegan Large – a feast of black beans, Violife vegan shredded cheddar, shredded romaine, fresh pico de gallo, vegan sour cream, and house-made vegan queso. It’s a lineup of flavors and textures that gets you back in the game with every tasty bite. 

No photo description available.
Photo by @ontheplatewithkate via Crunchwerk’s Facebook

After a legendary night, these top hangover feasts can be life-savers. But remember, while enjoying the Buckeye nightlife, it’s important to drink responsibly. Underage and binge drinking are no-go’s, so let’s keep it fun and safe!

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