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The college student’s guide to gift giving

The college student’s guide to gift giving

Kat Gallaugher

Going to college is expensive! It can be hard for some students to budget their numerous school related expenses as well as gifts for family and friends. However, it’s still important to remember that there are a few easy, affordable and local spots where OSU students can find gifts to show appreciation for loved ones. From books to sweatshirts to jewelry, here’s a list of affordable and local gifts your family and friends will be sure to enjoy. 

For the Reader 
There are two perfect spots to grab books for your local bookworm: The OSU Barnes and Noble and Prologue Bookstore. Barnes and Noble is the official University Bookstore which means it has tons of books and also lots of merchandise approved by The Ohio State University. It’s is right across from The Ohio Union and offers 40% discounts on bestsellers to Barnes and Noble members. 

Prologue Bookstore, though it’s a little bit farther from campus, is an independent bookshop in the Short North Arts District. Independent and local bookstores are great for the economy. Prologue’s employees are all avid readers themselves and would be happy to point you in the right direction to be sure your favorite reader will be happy with your choice. You can easily get there by walking or taking the COTA Bus, which is free to students at The Ohio State University. 


For the Jewelry Lover
Close to OSU and carrying affordable, modern jewelry is Red Giraffe Designs. Red Giraffe Designs was founded by OSU alumna, Kate Stevens who is super passionate about cultivating the Columbus community and working on homemade jewelry. Red Giraffe Designs is a great way to buy unique gifts and support fellow Buckeyes this holiday season. 

For the Avid Buckeye
Surrounding The Ohio State University, there are tons of affordable shops selling OSU gear that would be perfect to gift any of your Buckeye family members and friends. Clothing Underground sells upcycled clothing which is ideal for your college friends who are lovers of game day. Homage, though a bit more expensive, is a great place for high quality Buckeye merch. Mid High Market is another student favorite which features fun and funky OSU merch for anyone. A few other important OSU clothing stores to remember are: College Traditions and The Ohio State Team Shop. All of these stores are unique so you are bound to find something everyone will enjoy!

For the Artist
Located directly on Ohio State’s campus is the Wexner Center, which not only has a lovely museum and cafe, but also a gift shop. The gift shop is the perfect spot to find anything for an artsy friend or family member. This shop features games, books, records, trinkets and more! It will have almost anything your favorite artist does, whether they’re a musician, painter, or even just a fan of art history. The Wexner Center Store offers discounts for students which makes it an even more accessible place to purchase presents. 

At the end of the day, the holiday season is meant to spread joy and love to family members and friends, and whether you make something by hand, write them a card or handpick them a gift, as long as you share your gratitude with others, they will certainly appreciate it!

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