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The ‘Cool Girl’ Halloween Costume Guide

The ‘Cool Girl’ Halloween Costume Guide

Kat Gallaugher

As Halloween creeps closer every day, one thing is on everyone’s mind: how to have a
killer outfit. The perfect cool girl costume has to be a few things: recognizable, unique and sexy, which is an almost impossible combination. This year, try to stray away from the typical cats, witches, and firefighters, and instead look for something a bit more original.

To help you on this daunting journey, here’s a list of practically perfect halloween costumes:

Elle Woods

Photo via Legally Blonde’s Facebook

One thing is certain: this year, the streets will be filled with pink, blonde Barbies. After the box office success of Greta Gerwig’s Barbie it’s no wonder everyone and their mother will want to be her for Halloween. Instead of blending in with the crowd, dress up as another pink icon: Elle Woods, from Legally Blonde. Also known for her impeccable fashion sense, intelligence, and spunk, Elle Woods is the perfect choice for anyone who wants to embody that kind character.

Priscilla Presley

Photo via Priscilla’s Instagram

With Tik Tok searches for Sophia Coppolas’ Marie Antionette Halloween costumes
trending with 16.6 Million Views, subvert expectations by dressing up as her new film, Priscilla. She’s a recognizable and alluring person, and dressing up as Priscilla Presley will be ahead of the curve.

Y2K Girls

Photo via Facebook Marketplace

Though it’s a classic costume choice to dress up as fairy tale characters, try changing it
up by dressing as your favorite early 2000s characters and people. From Strawberry Shortcake to Hannah Montana to Polly Pocket, there are so many fun and creative costumes to try.


Misunderstood Girlies

Chosen One of the Day: Lydia Deetz and her spectacular bangs | SYFY WIRE
Photo of Lydia Deetz via Syfy

Instead of dressing up as Carrie or a Wednesday, try dressing up as another “crazy” or
as some would say “misunderstood” character. Whether it’s Gone Girl’s Amy Dunne or as Natalie Portman in Black Swan, embrace your dark side and dress up as Patrick Bateman in American Pyscho, Lydia Deetz from Beetlejuice or Fight Club’s Marla. You will be sure to stand out among the crowds of frenzied college students.

This Halloween, allow yourself to dive into nostalgia and explore the many creative and
funky options that would make perfect costumes. It may be easy to try something classic, such as a ghost or a firefighter just for the likes, but you can express your own personality and interests with an original and imaginative costume this season.

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