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The gift of pleasure; here’s where you can find discounted adult toys with your BuckID

The gift of pleasure; here’s where you can find discounted adult toys with your BuckID

Kat Gallaugher

There’s nothing sexier than taking care of your sexual health! You can give yourself the gift of pleasure and a little bit of spice to your life this holiday season. Luckily, for students at The Ohio State University there are plenty of fun and affordable ways to gift yourself the Big O this Christmas. 

Thanks to the student organization, Students Advocating for Sexual Health Awareness (SASHA), all OSU students have access to discounted sex toys at Lions Den! SASHA organizes the annual event of Sex Week, hosting speakers to discuss topics ranging from positive masculinity to reproductive rights to pleasure and many more. Sexual health is a fundamental part of the human experience, and SASHA promotes that in a shame-free positive environment. 


For over 50 years, Lions Den, the adult super store with 6 locations around Columbus, has been providing a pleasurable and shameless environment for all people. The team at Lions Den is knowledgeable and knows exactly how each and every person feels confident and comfortable within their own body.

Any OSU student can visit Lions Den in-person on Tuesdays to receive 30% off by showing a BuckID, and if you’re not comfortable with that, you can order online anytime with the code OSU15! It’s important to remember to prioritize yourself during this busy time, and to remember that pleasure is self-care. This partnership is sure to offer something that might really hit the spot. 

After all, a positive and informed sexual culture begins with open conversations, acceptance, and the recognition that sexual well-being is an essential aspect of overall health and happiness.

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