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Yikes! Check out these OSU students’ dating app horror stories

Yikes! Check out these OSU students’ dating app horror stories

Kat Gallaugher

With the holiday countdown getting closer day by day, you may be wondering if you’ll have someone to kiss under the mistletoe this year. The holidays are the perfect time to cozy up and watch Christmas movies, hold hands while ice skating, and share a cup of hot cocoa with your favorite special someone.

 But, how can you go about finding this person? In this age of social media, dating apps are very popular among college students and may seem like the perfect solution to all of their dating dilemmas. However, these stories will definitely make you a bit more cautious when looking for your perfect person online!

Desperate Behavior
According to one OSU student, Madelyn, you may want to try extra hard not to swipe right on weirdos. This all came about when she began texting someone online. They only talked for two days, and after that point, she decided she wasn’t interested anymore and left her Hinge match on read. A pretty common thing when it comes to talking online! Instead of accepting this quiet rejection, months later, this man texted her, begging for a response and asking what he “did wrong,” saying that he had been rejected by over “300 girls online”! He continued to ask her for sex and she responded by telling this creep to get serious mental help. How bizarre! 


A Disastrous Desert 
This story started out sweet but ended sour. Another OSU student, Gwyn, went on a date to get ice cream and go on a walk with a girl she met online. Everything was going well until Gwyn got a sharp pain in her stomach and quickly alerted her date that she wasn’t feeling well. After a few moments, Gwyn exclaimed, “Could you please excuse me, I need to throw up!” and ran into a nearby alley to puke. Though her date was super understanding and felt bad that Gwyn had gotten food poisoning, throwing up in front of a stranger you just met online (especially one you find attractive) is super embarrassing! 

He Loved the Roster a Little Too Much 
Though Gwyn’s date was caring, this next student’s date was definitely not. Mya met her date on Hinge, and it seemed like they really kicked it off. Before this wild experience, they had gone on four super long dates. They ended up going out to Bullwinkles with a group of friends one night, but tragedy struck when they were there. Her date noticed another girl he had been talking to, and on the way back to our heroines dorm, her date was spamming the other girl saying, “She’s not my girlfriend! I still like you!” and proceeded to sext this other girl while sitting right next to Mya. She even saw him text this other girl saying he would hang out with her the second he could get away. After this situation, Mya told him that she was no longer interested and wouldn’t see him anymore. The second she didn’t care, he began to beg for her attention again and desperately tried to keep her on his Hinge roster. 

After hearing these stories, you probably won’t want to give your heart to someone who will give it away the very next day!  From players to puke, these cautionary tales are important to remember when wondering if it’s smart to swipe right.

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