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Cbus bar hosting event where you pitch your eligible friends to an audience of other singles

Cbus bar hosting event where you pitch your eligible friends to an audience of other singles

Sav McKee

Most of us have that friend that we would describe as a “catch” – intelligent, good-looking, motivated, driven, independent, etc. And most of us are probably wondering how this friend is somehow still single. 

Or maybe some of you reading this are that person that your friends consider the catch of the group.

This Thursday, we can play matchmaker/wingman and rally behind our so-called “single catch friend,” or try to find a potential partner. Bada Bean Bada Booze, a newer bar in Columbus, is hosting a “Pitch a Friend” night on November 9th, where you pitch your most eligible friend to an audience of other singles. If you’re the single friend, you can be part of the audience and listen to other presentations about eligible bachelor/bachelorettes in Cbus.

“Think Shark Tank, but for your single friends,” their Instagram post reads.

Here’s how it works: 

You apply to present (click here for that), and if approved, you have three minutes to present a Powerpoint/Google Slides presentation on your friend’s best qualities to the crowd of singles. There will also be a two minute Q&A at the end of each presentation. Your friend that you pitched will ideally also be in the audience, and if single people are interested in them, they’ll have a chance to connect at the end. This event is free for the presenters and presentees!


For those who aren’t presenting, but interested in just being part of the crowd, you can purchase a $10 ticket (click here to purchase).

“At the end of the night, we’ll open up the floor to a general mingle with all the contestants and audience members! We’ll have music, drinks, and a lot of fun! This event is open to all gender identities and sexual orientations,” Bada Bean Bada Booze said.

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