This Columbus area school was named ‘The Top High School in Ohio’ according to report

Sav McKee

The U.S. News & World Report released their report that ranks 25,000 public schools in all 50 states, and none other than Bexley High School was named the “Best High School in Ohio.” They’re #1 in the Columbus Metro Area, #1 in Ohio, and #121 in all of America.

The schools were ranked based on state test performances, graduation rates, and how well they prepare their students for college, according to U.S. News & World Report.

With an overall scorecard of 99.32/100, Bexley scored a 95% on graduation rates and an 86.6% on college readiness and test scores.


Other Columbus Metro Area and Columbus Suburb schools that made it high on the list include:

#9 Olentangy Liberty High School 

#12 Dublin Jerome High School

#13 Olentangy High School

#20 Granville High School

#21 Olentangy Berlin High School

#22 Orange High School

#25 New Albany High School

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