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Adventure park with possible tree canopies and kayaking approved for 2025 opening

Adventure park with possible tree canopies and kayaking approved for 2025 opening

Sav McKee

Well, it’s official – the Columbus area is getting a little more edgy and adventurous.

In January of 2023, the City of Westerville held a public meeting to consult the community about a newly proposed, 10.6 acre outdoor recreation adventure space that they’re calling Edge Adventure Park. 

According to Randy Auler, Director of Parks and Recreation in Westerville, the proposal has now officially been approved after 11 years of brainstorming, and their goal is to have this concept ready for the Ohio community by spring or summer of 2025. Edge Adventure Park will be located in a wooded ravine that’s adjacent to the Alum Creek Corridor, right between Vesper Way and Cleveland Ave. 

“It’s still all conceptual and in development,” explained Auler. 


This concept actually started in 2012 in a community planning process, where they focused on 6 key projects to liven up the city of Westerville. “We focused on the expansion of trails, a community center, more parks and playgrounds, improving waterway access, signature spaces, and the Edge Adventure Park concept,” said Auler. 

This park is intended for people of all ages to reconnect with nature. “Westerville is a city within the park, we like to say,” laughed Auler. While details are still fluid, Edge Adventure Park will most likely features more ways to show all that Westerville’s natural wonder has to offer. For example, a self-checkout kayak rental could be possible, along with a canopy skywalk that takes you far up into the trees, surrounded by platforms and treehouses. “We want people to see the city, to see the world, in a different lens,” explained Auler.

Westerville is already highly known and recognized for their phenomenal parks and recreation system, but this is a brand new concept to the Columbus area community in general. Many of their other parks more traditional playgrounds and educational playspaces, while Edge will focus on fitness and recreational activities.

Auler ensures that, “This is a park you really can’t find in other locations. Learn, play, and come together, and not just for kids.” The parks & rec team are hoping that this space, which will be located near their economic hub, will offer a reprieve in a busy work day. People can come here on their lunch break and take a walk through the trees and trails, or even stop by after work for exercise before they head home. 

This $2.3 million dollar project will hopefully bring two unique opportunities to Westerville, according to Auler and Christa Dickey, the city’s community-affairs director. First, more access to the entire city. Once the park is built, there will be a bridge crossing over Alum Creek, and you’ll be able to locate different parts of Westerville through 88 acres of land. Second, this park will hopefully bring a higher quality of life to the residents of Westerville. “We found that people want to be located in places that have a higher quality of life, and for businesses to help recruit and retain high quality employees, this Edge Adventure Park opportunity, along with quality trains, is one tool that will make Westerville an even better place,” said Dickey.

The City of Westerville will be announcing more details later. They still have a lot of work to do regarding renderings and finalizing details, according to the team.

“There’s no place like Westerville. We invite everyone to experience this and grow here,” said Auler.

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