This Italian Village hotspot is hosting lively & inclusive backyard pool parties

Sav McKee

There’s a cool, inclusive, sizzling swim club/pool party in town at a local brewery, and you’re invited. Yes, you!

This pool party, Deep End Swim Club, takes place on certain Sundays at Hoof Hearted Brewery’s turquoise backyard pool area. This isn’t your average shindig – expect to groove to live DJ sets with exuberant, summer tunes (usually all on vinyl records if Lady Sandoval is playing), boozy cocktails, and delicious eats, all in a safe, relaxing atmosphere. “Folks can just hang by the pool – no need to swim. They can wear as much or as little as they want! It’s all about your individual comfort level and just having a good time with good people,” said Sara Rose, one of the founders of this community pool party.


Deep End Swim Club is inspired by Sara’s family pool parties back home, where she and her cousins would spend the weekends cooling off in pools from the California heat, blasting oldies, funk, pop, r&b, and hip hop through the radio. After Sara became a DJ herself (Lady Sandoval), she dedicated to keeping those memories alive. 

It’s not just about the music and cocktails here. Inclusivity, acceptance, and a culture of body positivity are first and foremost at Deep End. “Growing up as a chubby, nerdy brown girl that wouldn’t be caught dead in a bathing suit, I absolutely hated the idea of attending a pool party, let alone hosting my own. Deep End is different because I want to ensure that my friends and community feel welcome and can see themselves at this party. So if you’re queer, trans, black, or in my case, a chubby Mexican girl, I want you to feel welcome and safe at Deep End,” emphasized Sara.

Photo via Sara Rose

This season, they’re cranking up the pool parties, incorporating more guest DJ’s, including some iconic world class talent, like RJD2 and Egyptian Lover. Sara said, “Both of these incredible artists tour the globe, and being able to see them DJ live at this very intimate, very informal event still blows my mind. Being able to create this event in Columbus, for Columbus is amazing.”

Photo via Sara Rose

If you’re ready to make a splash (or even just lounge about), there’s a Deep End x Candy Rain takeover happening this Sunday the 23rd, from 3-9pm at Hoof Hearted Brewery’s pool, located at 850 N. 4th St. It’s $15 to join. Grab your swimsuits, or your sneakers (whatever makes you feel the best), and dive into the Deep End. 

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