Video: Popular YouTube channel explores massive abandoned water park in Columbus

Jack McLaughlin

While Fort Rapids Indoor Water Park Resort shuttered years ago due to health and safety violations, the one-time Columbus destination is still attracting visitors to this day.

The derelict water park was recently featured in a video from Urbex Vibes, a channel dedicated to exploring abandoned spaces.

The video, which was posted to the channel on March 19, already has 100,000 views. You can watch it here. Just make sure not to do any trespassing after watching.


In the video, which is called Inside America’s Largest ABANDONED Waterpark!, the former family destination takes on a decidedly creepy vibe, full of drained pools and even a large empty dining room.

614Now could not confirm whether or not the former home of Fort Rapids is actually the country’s largest abandoned water park.

Fort Rapids, which was renovated into a water park after previously serving as a hotel, first opened in 2006. It eventually closed in 2016. Recently, the former water park made headlines for incurring fines and legal action from the city of Columbus.

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