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Following cease and desist letter for house shows, Columbus music collective adapts

Following cease and desist letter for house shows, Columbus music collective adapts

Atlas Biro

After a cease and desist letter last October put an abrupt end to its popular house shows, TeamBall Collective’s strategy had to change on a dime. The four-person team spent the last several years cultivating a tight-knit community and a lively music venue, and was determined to keep the momentum going.

For many, the order would mean the end. Yet, TeamBall took the opportunity to regroup and start anew. Energized with passion from the musicians and artists who supported them, TeamBall is starting 2023 with a new focus: to be a hub for artists to further their exposure, experience, and career. 

Originally brought together during the COVID days of 2020 by a desire to showcase local talent, the group has strong ties to the local DIY scene.


“Initially we just wanted to make an album with a different roster of musicians on each song.” Isaac Roe, the live events coordinator tells (614). “While the album never worked out, it evolved into us hosting jam sessions on our porch during the fall of 2020 and spring of 2021.”

Next, they began hosting weekly jam sessions at Summit Music Hall alongside their regularly scheduled house shows in July of 2021. 

“[The jam sessions] really allowed us to give musicians a good platform for meeting one another,” notes Isaac. 

After spending a year and a half collaborating and cultivating local acts, TeamBall’s next endeavor includes an almost-sold-out show at The Basement. The Jan. 28 show, dubbed “Cellar At The Basement”, features local bands Cellar Dwellar, Dairy Family, LUGSOL, and Full Send. The show’s lineup is a testament to the very core of TeamBall’s mission–the four featured bands are all friends of TeamBall and local favorites in the Columbus DIY scene. 

You can find tickets for their Cellar Dwellar show here.

As the year continues, TeamBall plans to release more online content, such as music lessons from local artists or spotlight features on up-and-coming acts. The quartet is still keeping some of their 2023 cards up their sleeves though, with their most recent Instagram post hinting at some big news along the horizon.

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