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These 10 Ohio towns are ranked among the favorite in the United States by ‘World Atlas’

These 10 Ohio towns are ranked among the favorite in the United States by ‘World Atlas’

Sav McKee

It’s Gilmore Girls season (if you know, you know); the air is crisp in the morning, our iced coffee is now substituted for a hot latte, and we’re longing for a small, winsome town filled with main streets and quaint shops instead of sand and palm trees.

Lucky for us, we don’t have to travel to fictional Stars Hollow to get that cozy, charming, feel; some of Ohio’s small towns have earned a coveted spot for America’s favorite travel destinations, according to World Atlas’ data.

Here’s where to visit if you’re craving a small town filled with unique character:

Yellow Springs
“Yellow Springs exudes an enchanting bohemian charm that draws visitors in with its vibrant arts scene and stunning landscapes. One of the town’s standout attractions is Glen Helen Nature Preserve, offering tranquil hiking trails and stunning waterfalls like Yellow Spring Falls. The John Bryan State Park also impresses with its gorge, towering cliffs, and panoramic views. Don’t miss exploring the eclectic shops and galleries… The Little Art Theatre, a historic gem, screens indie films and hosts live performances, adding to the town’s cultural appeal.” – World Atlas

Photo via Yellow Springs, OH Facebook

“Historic Harmar Village beckons with cobblestone streets and antique shops…Nature enthusiasts can explore the nearby Wayne National Forest, which offers hiking, fishing, and scenic vistas. Visitors can discover ancient burial mounds dating back centuries at the National Historic Landmark of Mound Cemetery.” – World Atlas

Photo via

The Licking County gem of Granville boasts small-town charm, academic excellence, and architectural splendor. The centerpiece of the town is the stunning Denison University campus, a picturesque blend of Gothic and Romanesque architecture. Walk along Broadway and make your way to Broadway Pub, the local go-to spot for craft beer… Horticulture lovers will find bliss at the Dawes Arboretum, featuring extensive gardens and miles of scenic trails…” – World Atlas

Granville, Ohio

Chagrin Falls
“This charming town appeals to travelers with its cascading waterfalls and serene landscapes. At the heart of the town lies Chagrin Falls itself, a breathtaking natural wonder where the river plunges over a 20-foot drop. The town’s cozy downtown offers a blend of boutiques, art galleries, gourmet eateries…” – World Atlas

Chagrin Falls, Ohio


The vibrant island town of Put-In-Bay promises a combination of outdoor recreation and lively entertainment…Visitors can explore Heineman’s Winery, renowned for its crystal cave and wine-tasting tours…The town’s bustling downtown is alive with restaurants, bars, and shops, creating a lively atmosphere that attracts visitors seeking entertainment and relaxation.” – World Atlas

Put-in-Bay, Ohio

“Loveland fascinates tourists with its scenic beauty and outdoor activities…Canoeing and kayaking enthusiasts can paddle along the river’s gentle currents for a relaxing adventure…The Loveland Castle, a medieval-inspired structure, adds a touch of enchantment to the town’s allure while upholding the testament of Knighthood.” – World Atlas

Loveland, Ohio via

“Amish hospitality and unique Swiss-inspired architecture will draw you to Sugarcreek…Visitors can immerse themselves in Amish craftsmanship and handcrafted goods at the famous Walnut Creek Amish Flea Market.” – World Atlas

Sugarcreek, Ohio

Geneva-On-The-Lake offers a classic lakeside getaway with a retro twist… The town’s strip, filled with nostalgic amusement arcades, miniature golf, water slides, and vintage diners, takes visitors back to the charm of yesteryears.” – World Atlas

Geneva on the Lake by Jon Dawson via Flickr/Only in Your State

“Perched on the scenic Marblehead Peninsula, this beautiful town boasts stunning views of Lake Erie and historical treasures.” – World Atlas

Marblehead, Ohio

“Oberlin is a cutesy town with rich history and cultural significance. Oberlin College, one of the nation’s oldest institutions of higher learning, anchors the town’s heritage. The Allen Memorial Art Museum on the college campus boasts impressive art collections from various periods and cultures. Tappan Square provides a serene setting with ancient trees, green spaces, and the iconic arch of Clark Bandstand, inviting visitors to relax and enjoy the town’s vibrant atmosphere.” – World Atlas 

Oberlin, Ohio

Sounds like I (we) have a lot of road trips in my (our) future!

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