This Columbus suburb was named ‘The Most Unusual Town in Ohio’

Sav McKee

No need to book a flight to England to visit Stonehenge when “Cornhenge” is right here in Central Ohio.

The digital media publication, Alot Travel, compiled a list of what they find to be the “The Most Unusual Towns in Every State,” mostly looking for places that hold histories, traditions, and/or monuments that are “sometimes off the beaten path – not many of these places are at the top of vacation bucket lists,” their website says. “But that doesn’t mean they’re not worth a visit! They all contribute, in their own small way, to the long, sometimes bizarre story of the United States.”


And the most unusual town in Ohio is apparently Dublin, mostly due to the strange monument there, called “Field of Corn” where 109, six-foot, concrete ears of corn stand right by the highway. This monument, which many refer to as “Cornhenge,” pays homage to Sam Frantz, who created a hybrid corn known as Belt Dent Corn.

This art installation was publicly funded in 1994 and has been known as one of the best public artwork in Central Ohio.

Among other interesting attractions in Dublin is the Chief Leatherslips Monument, which is a giant sculpture of the Wyandot Indian Chief, made out of native limestone slabs.

Photo by Matt Pennock via Google

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