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This unique festival features over 300 vendors, all in the woods

This unique festival features over 300 vendors, all in the woods

Sav McKee

There’s a unique, 28-year-old fest that sets itself apart from the usual festivals in fields or fairgrounds – this one, which features 300 vendors, 30 different types of country-themed foods, and 3 full days of bluegrass music, takes place in the woods. Or, the “Backwoods,” I should say. 

Thornville Backwoods Fest is held every year in the third week of September at 8572 High Point Rd. in Thornville, OH. Enjoy three days of art, food, crafts, and music this year on September 15th, 8am-6pm, the 16th, 8am-6pm, and the 17th, 8am-5pm. 

Photos from years’ past showcase charming, wooden booths adorned with hand-painted, tin signs, cauldrons brimming with beans and savory soups, and crowds of people gathering in the shades of the tranquil woods, enjoying all that Thornville, and bluegrass, has to offer. Situated only about 35 minutes away from Downtown Columbus, visitors can be surrounded by the aroma of hand-made foods and the melodies of banjos wafting through the trees.

Photo via Thornville Backwoods Fest’s Facebook

Reviews from past attendees emphasize, “Wonderful vendors with lots of variety. And the food…out of this world!” as well as, “I loved that it actually was in the woods, for the most part. The parking was very well organized. Everything I tried was delicious and I wish I had room for more food, it all smelled yummy!”

Tickets for Thornville Backwoods Fest can be purchased here. You can also purchase them at the festival, but those tickets must be purchased with cash only.

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