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According to QSR, these are the top restaurant concepts Columbus doesn’t have. Yet.

According to QSR, these are the top restaurant concepts Columbus doesn’t have. Yet.

Jack McLaughlin

Columbus has grown as a food city in then last decade, and we’re willing to bet before this one comes to close, we’ll see even more growth. But that doesn’t mean the Arch City has it all.

QSR put together its annual list of the highest-earning eatery chains last August, and here’s what we don’t have  (so make sure to keep your eyes peeled for these in the future). 

Jack in the Box

The 20th chain on QSR’s list is the first to not boast a Columbus eatery. This burger restaurant—which also boasts tacos, in case you didn’t know—has its nearest location in Cincinnati.


Two spots behind Jack in the Box at number 22 is one of the regional burger chains so many rave about: Whataburger. This Texas-based chain boasts nearly 700 locations in the Lone Star state, but still hasn’t made its way to Ohio.


This heralded fried chicken eatery is an interesting case. It did offer a Columbus location at one time, although this closed nearly 15 years after lasting for less a year. Is it time for a comeback attempt yet?



Speaking of regional chicken chains, Columbus doesn’t yet offer a Bojangles location, but this won’t be the case for long. The eatery is set to open a restaurant at 831 Hilliard Rome Rd., its first of more than a dozen Columbus locations, this spring.


This legendary California-based burger chain, known for menu items Animal Style, is finally creeping toward the East Coast. There’s nothing on the horizon for Ohio and the concept just yet, but here’s to hoping.

El Pollo Loco

This now California-based chicken chain began in Mexico in the 1970s. While it’s nearing 500 total locations today, the concept doesn’t boast any locations close to the Buckeye State.

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