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Big fan of pumpkin spice? 614feast names top fall-themed drinks from Cbus coffee shops

Big fan of pumpkin spice? 614feast names top fall-themed drinks from Cbus coffee shops

Anthony O'Connell

Fall vibes with Columbus’s most heartwarming beverages, defying the ordinary and embracing the unexpected. From the often-joked-about Pumpkin Spice Latte to a S’mortado that’ll have you saying, ‘give me s’more,’ your cozy cardigan weather sips are about to get a wildly delicious upgrade in this caffeine-infused adventure across the city!

One Line Coffee – Pumpkin Spice Latte
Embracing the classic, the PSL stands out as a quintessential toast to fall. Strangely, mocked by some but cherished by many, the PSL is an unapologetic treat in a cup. At One Line Coffee, it’s all about top-notch quality and tantalizing taste—let the haters hate, and let us celebrate the flavorful splendors of fall.

The Roosevelt Coffeehouse – S’mortado
A genius take on the beloved s’more. This drink features a rich mocha and graham cracker rim, a Cubano shot, and is crowned with toasted marshmallows. It’s a coffeehouse built to support organizations fighting the injustices of hunger, unclean water, and human trafficking, locally and around the world.
$6.50 ($5.50 +$1.00 for an extra shot)


Mission Coffee Co. – Chocolate Cold Brew
A cold brew when it’s chilly? I drink cold brew in a sweater and savor soups in the summer. And this Chocolate Cold Brew? It seamlessly pairs bold cold brew with decadent chocolate, embarking your taste buds on a ‘Mission’ so indulgent, they’ll proclaim, ‘wow!’

Parable Cafe – wham bam thank you yam
A sip of autumn with Parable Cafe’s “wham bam thank you yam” inspired by the famed
“Yammertime” from Walkie Talkie in Canton, this drink is a harmonious blend of house
espresso, bruleed marshmallow, and sweet candied yam sauce. The well lit cafe offers the perfect backdrop for enjoying this Instagram-worthy concoction, marrying aesthetically pleasing visuals with a comforting, sweet sip that encapsulates fall in a cup.
$9.50 (includes tip)

Cambridge Tea House – Hot Chai-Der
It has a fun name and cider screams fall, right? It’s a fusion of Chai Tea Latte and Hot Apple Cider. While I usually prefer an espresso latte, this drink is a winner for the tea fans out there.

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