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‘Build your own bowl, Chipotle-style concept,’ but for Indian food opening second location

‘Build your own bowl, Chipotle-style concept,’ but for Indian food opening second location

Sav McKee

As far as Indian food concepts go, most of the ones in Columbus aren’t really casual, grab-and-go type restaurants. Kailash Chughwani wanted to change that.

In 2019, he opened Rollz Rice at 724 Polaris Parkway, which he considers a “build your own Chipotle concept, but for Indian cuisine,” and after 4 years of consistency and success, another Rollz Rice location is opening in the development at 1892 N. High St., specifically on the side of the store, Target, at 16 E. 16th Ave.

Rollz Rice offers customizable bowls and wraps but with an emphasis on authentic Indian cuisine at what Chughwani considers an affordable price. “This is one of the first concepts like this in Columbus, and it’s even a very new concept for Indian people who are used to more traditional restaurants, where a meal can cost around $18,” he said. Their wraps and bowls cost around $10.99.


Another way Rollz Rice is breaking Indian tradition is by offering a variety of vegan options. “There are a lot of vegetarian options in Indian food, but there is now a growing vegan population in Columbus, and we’ve geared our menu towards the vegan population,” said Chughwani.

Along with options like chicken, goat, or fish Tikki Masala, those who abstain from meat and dairy can choose proteins such as chickpeas, cauliflower, and spiced potato. Other twists on classics include Masala french fries, a Naan taco, Masala fish & chips, and seekh kabab hotdogs. 

Chughwani said their newest concept will include all of the familiar favorites, but they’re going to add a bar due to the ongoing requests for Indian cocktails. He said they’re planning on serving mango margaritas, Indian versions of mojitos, plus much more. 

Their goal is to open by January of 2024.

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