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Closed Columbus concept returning for one night only

Closed Columbus concept returning for one night only

Sav McKee

We thought the spark was diminished, but this beloved Columbus speakeasy is igniting the flame once again.

Last September, The Light of Seven Matchsticks, a cozy speakeasy nestled underneath Natalie’s Coal Fired Pizza in Worthington, announced their closure. Understandably, the Columbus cocktail community was left in ashes; this intimate bar became a haven for those who opted for craft cocktail menus found inside well-loved vintage books rather than impersonal, laminated QR Codes. Scotch and whiskey enthusiasts flocked here to sip on a stiff drink in vintage glasses, basking in the warm glow of the dimmed lamps and twinkling stringed lights, and local foodies found solace in their duck fat + truffle buttered popcorn.

We now have the chance to be reignited by The Light of Seven Matchsticks. On July 6th, they teased their return with a cryptic video on Instagram – a match being struck, flames dancing in the dark – with the words “KEEP THE FLAME 7/24/23.” The post sparked a fire of excitement, amassing over 5,000 plays and hundreds of shares.


Pj Ford, the previous beverage manager of Seven Matchsticks, said, “I was super excited, but also nervous to release this mysterious message on Instagram. Is it even going to reach anyone? But then, the amount of shares, tags, and likes, just in the span of a few hours…well, I’m happy to see that everyone else was excited, too.”

Here’s what we do know: Pj had a discussion with Gregory Stokes, the owner of The Bottle Shop, about a possible bartending guest shift opportunity. However, a mere guest spotlight didn’t seem like enough, so they pivoted. A Light of Seven Matchsticks popup was deemed more appropriate, considering The Bottle Shop already exudes the quirky vibe Seven Matchsticks was so known and loved for – they even already had antique books that will house the menus for this popup, just like the ones at the original, now closed, location.

Mark your calendars for Monday, July 24th, as Pj rekindles the flame and steps behind the bar once more, serving his favorite Seven Matchsticks classics along with some new craft cocktail conceptions. And, yes, fear not, the duck fat popcorn will be there, too.
For more details, take a look at The Light of Seven Matchsticks’ Instagram.

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