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Columbus restaurant chronicles recurring dine-and-dash woes

Columbus restaurant chronicles recurring dine-and-dash woes

Jack McLaughlin

One Columbus restaurant has been the victim of dine-and-dash visitors on more than one occasion, and they’re taking to social media to discuss it.

According to a statement posted to its social media pages, Frontera Tacos, Tequila and Wine has experienced at least two separate dine and dash incidents in less than a month.

Earlier this month, Frontera Tacos posted a short video clip to its social media pages detailing an incident where multiple customers in a single party left behind a bill of more than $80. This event occurred on Feb. 3.


Yesterday, the eatery posted another video from Feb. 17. It shows an individual walking out of the restaurant into a car in the eatery’s parking lot, before a several-second clip of a sedan pulling out of a parking space. The video also shows a close-up view of what appears to be the alleged dine-and-dash customer.

“In our honest and passionate drive to serve the best food and service, we are heartbroken to discover another incident of a bill left unpaid by our customers on the evening of February 17, 2023,” the post reads. “Please share this post to reach him.”

The unpaid bill was for $27.30, according to the restaurant.

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