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Columbus whiskey named Best in America at recent international competition

Columbus whiskey named Best in America at recent international competition

Jack McLaughlin

Whiskey War has done it again.

Because being named the Best Blended Whiskey in the country three years in a row wasn’t enough, High Bank Distillery Co.’s lauded Whiskey War was recently named the Best Whiskey in America at the Spring 2023 John Barleycorn Awards, an international spirits competition created by industry writers.

The winners were recently announced, and Whiskey War Barrel Select Batch #11-Double Double Pinot Noir took home the coveted title of Best Whiskey in America.


The same Whiskey War variant took home the Best American Blended Whiskey award at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition this year, with Whiskey War Barrel Proof winning the same category in 2021, and Whiskey War Barrel Select winning in 2022.

“Coming off of winning Best American Blended Whiskey at the 2023 San Francisco World Spirits Competition, we were excited to see how our Whiskey War line competes at other prestigious spirit competitions,” High Banks’ co-founder Adam Hines said in a press release. “Winning Best American Whiskey, means that we beat out some of the largest names in the spirit industry in the U.S – including and excluding the ‘blended’ category. This win is huge for us.”

Whiskey Barrel Select Batch #11 – Double Double Pinot Noir was a limited release, and is currently sold out.

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