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Find out which German Village eatery Joe Burrow stopped at over the weekend

Find out which German Village eatery Joe Burrow stopped at over the weekend

Sav McKee

“I don’t even watch football, but when four larger guys walked in, I kind of knew something was up,” said one excited Brown Bag Deli staff member.

Little did this employee know, one of those guys was Joe Burrow, the Cincinnati Bengals quarterback, who was stopping into the beloved German Village deli to fuel up for a day out in Columbus with his pals. They ordered four #16’s: the best selling Classic Clubs, piled high with smoked turkey, crispy bacon, Swiss cheese, tomato, red onion, and a garlic-herb mayo, served on toasted sourdough. And for dessert? Well, just one slice of their famous homemade baklava. 

Photo of the #16 Classic Club at Brown Bag Deli


“He seemed like an average, kind, college guy stopping in, but the girl in line after him flipped out and told us it was Joe Burrow. We were so happy for her because we know what it’s like meeting people we admire!” said the Brown Bag Deli employee that took Burrow’s order. “Also, he tipped us $50 on a $57 bill, which was just really nice.” 

The lucky customer behind him managed to snap a picture of their encounter:

Photo via Brown Bag Deli’s Instagram

Burrow is well-known not only for his NFL status, but for his approachability and laid-back demeanor. He’s an Athens, OH native who started his career at OSU, but then he transferred to LSU his final year, where he won the Heisman and National Championship at LSU. Now, living and playing ball in Cincinnati, he seems to frequent Columbus restaurants often, always leaving a great impression. In March, he was spotted at Rio Fresh at 50 N. High St., where he opted for a healthy grilled chicken bowl. The owner, Aida Wilson, emphasized how friendly and nice he was to the staff and customers.

So, now that we know he likes club sandwiches and grilled chicken bowls, where do you think we’ll see him next?

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