Foodie Favorites: 614feast names his top 5 pizzerias in North Columbus

Anthony O'Connell

Columbus, Ohio is a pizza lover’s dream, with a slice to satisfy every craving. Each bite promises not just taste, but a story, thanks to the dedication of local pizzerias to using high-quality, locally-sourced ingredients. From cracker-thin crusts infused with amazing flavors to delectably doughy masterpieces, here are my top five pizzerias located on the North Side of Columbus that celebrate the best of local craftsmanship and culinary brilliance. This is a Columbus, Ohio pizza party that you can’t miss!

JT’s Pizza & Pub
Location: 2390 W Dublin Granville Rd., Columbus
Signature Style: Thin-crust, party cut
Highlight: What sets JT’s apart is their Pizzas of the Month—innovative creations ranging from flavorful birria to quirky crab rangoon. It’s a monthly surprise for your taste buds!

Terita’s Pizza
Location: 3905 Cleveland Ave., Columbus
Signature Style: Thin-crust, party cut
Highlight: Terita’s is all about freshness. Their locally sourced ingredients shine,
especially in their homemade sausage—a bite that truly showcases their commitment to quality.


The Pizza House
Location: 747 Lincoln Ave., Columbus
Signature Style: Thin-crust, party cut
Highlight: It’s all about generosity here. Every slice from The Pizza House comes laden
with high-quality toppings, ensuring every bite is a flavorful adventure.

Harvest Pizzeria Dublin
Location: 45 N. High St., Dublin
Signature Style: Wood-fired, pie cut
Highlight: Sourcing local ingredients, Harvest delivers a unique wood-fired pizza
experience. It’s an authentic, smoky, and fresh twist to the traditional pie.

Gahanna Pizza Plus
Location: 106 Granville St, Gahanna
Signature Style: Medium-crust, party cut
Highlight: Standing out with its crust, Gahanna Pizza Plus offers a slice that’s thicker
than Columbus’ standard, yet irresistibly light and chewy.

Whether you’re a Columbus local or just passing through, these pizzerias prove that
Columbus’ north side is a haven for those in search of the perfect pie. So, next time
you’re in the mood for pizza, you know where to head!

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