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Foodie Favorites: South Columbus’ best pizza according to local food blogger, 614feast

Foodie Favorites: South Columbus’ best pizza according to local food blogger, 614feast

Anthony O'Connell

After pizza partying on Columbus’ North Side to sampling Downtown’s finest, our journey now takes us South of the city’s heart. This week, I’ve broadened our scope, focusing not on a specific neighborhood, but rather on any gem located South of Central Columbus.

Here, I’m sharing five of the best pizza joints that have won over my taste buds in “South” Columbus. If you’re on the hunt for the best pizza in South Columbus, these spots are sure to satisfy.

Cardo’s Pizza
Location: 3606 Lockbourne Rd, Columbus, OH
Highlight: High Voltage pizza—bursting with cheese, pepperoni, onion, spicy undertones from hot pepper, crushed red pepper, spicy sausage, and the kick of jalapeno. 
Price: $17.50 (10”) | $22.00 (14”)

Photo of Cardo’s Pizza via Facebook

Possum Holler Pizza
Location: 1874 Lisle Ave, Obetz, OH
Highlight: Pepperoni pizza at Possum Holler Pizza, it’s not just a pepperoni pizza – it’s an event, a celebration of flavors. Their unique cheese blend harmoniously melds with their top-notch pepperoni, creating an indulgent experience that captures the very essence of a true pizza party. Every bite is a testament to their commitment to quality and taste.
Price: $12.25 (10”) | $16.25 (14”)

Photo of Possum Holler Pizza via Facebook


Dawghouse Pizza & Bar
Location: 2031 Lockbourne Rd, Columbus, OH
Highlight: A laid-back pizza spot, constantly delighting customers with their inventive “pizza of the month” offerings. In August, they unveiled a mouthwatering mac n’ cheese bacon pizza that was a major feast. Their taco pizza is another must-try, especially with the fresh, crisp lettuce served on the side, allowing for a perfect balance of warmth and crunch.
Price: $16.50 (10”) | $20.00 (14”)

Photo of Dawghouse Pizza and Bar via Facebook

Little Italy Ristorante
Location: 480 Main St, Groveport, OH
Highlight: The tantalizing Threezo Pizza, topped with regular pepperoni, Sicilian pepperoni, an exclusive spicy Italian sausage, and crowned with a Romano Parmesan fusion.
Price: $14.99 (10”) | $20.49 (16”)

Photo of Little Italy Ristorante pizza via Facebook

Plank’s Bier Garten
Location: 888 S High St, Columbus, OH
Highlight: A timeless Pepperoni pizza, very cheesy, and graced with a delicate crust juxtaposed with a sweet sauce layer.
Price: $10.75 (10”) | $14.75 (14”)

Photo of Plank’s pizza via Facebook

So, as we expand our pizza horizons in Columbus, join me in exploring this week’s top South-ish picks. After reading, I’d love to know: are these spots a “feast” or a “pass” in your book?

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