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Former Service Bar chef launches new cake vending machine in Columbus

Former Service Bar chef launches new cake vending machine in Columbus

Jack McLaughlin

All Kate Djupe really wanted was to find a place that served cake at night. So she made one, in the form of a new cake vending machine.

“In 2018 I was working at Service Bar and my friends and I just wanted cake at night,” she said with a laugh. “We just kept trying to think of ways to get cake at night, since there aren’t really any places to go outside of restaurants after Pistachia Vera closes.”

So, over a several year process (that was interrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic), Djupe created HeyaCake, which features slices of her sought-after cake creations available in a vending machine.


The first (and currently, the only) HeyaCake vending machine was installed last Thursday at Seventh Son, a decision that Djupe said was purposeful due to her respect for the people behind the Columbus craft bar and the community they’ve created.

The HeyaCake vending machine offers flavors like Bubbaloo, a “deep dark chocolate cake” with buttercream, and Pop Pop, a cake made from popcorn featuring a salted caramel buttercream and more. Djupe said the vending machine will eventually offer five total flavors, with Bubbaloo, Pop Pop, a seasonal cake, in addition to vegan and gluten free varities.

Each slice, which according to Djupe is “pretty hefty” and “great for sharing,” costs $10 and includes a small written note by Columbus poet Amy Turn Sharp, inspired by the Columbus chef’s love for fortune cookie.

The Seventh Son Vending machine is currently the only HeyaCake installment available, but Djupe is considering an expansion.

“Honestly, it’s only five days in, but the response has been amazing,” she said. “Clearly, everyone just wanted cake at night, too.”

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