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Grill & pizza shop announced closure after 7 months open; owner focusing on new concept

Grill & pizza shop announced closure after 7 months open; owner focusing on new concept

Sav McKee

There’s not many places you could grab a thin-crust pizza and a falafel bowl, and now, there’s even one less place to do so.

Mr. Hummus Grill and Pizza has officially closed its booth at New Albany’s Bubbly Hall, but the owner, Tarek Albast, said it’s all for a good reason. He’s spending his energy elsewhere these days, mainly at his newest restaurant, Habibi Grill. “It was not worth my time, especially after opening Habibi Grill and making it the hottest Lebanese/Mediterranean cuisine in the city,” Albast told 614 Now. 


Albast said an Indian restaurant concept will be taking over his booth at Bubbly Hall.

According to their website, Albast has loved food ever since he was a chef in Lebanon. He always dreamed of owning his own brick & mortar restaurant, which is how Mr. Hummus and Falafel Food Truck began in 2016. In 2018, after encouragement from his mother who has always pushed him to follow his dreams, he opened three permanent Mr. Hummus Grill and Pizza establishments.

While all of the Mr. Hummus restaurants have since been sold, his dreams haven’t died — they’ve just changed, really, and they’ve condensed into one full concept: Habibi Grill.

Habibi Grill is located at 1131 N. 4th St. Their menu features a variety of dishes, like chicken shawarma, falafel and rice, gyros, wings, and yes, even pizza! Google Reviews show that Columbus is absolutely loving Habibi Grill’s large portions and Mediterranean atmosphere, and that it’s definitely a must-try new restaurant.

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