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Happy Fry-Day: 614 feast picks his favorite local fries

Happy Fry-Day: 614 feast picks his favorite local fries

Anthony O'Connell

Columbus has a ton of feast-worthy French fries! From classic cuts to curly and wedge, every style has its unique flair. And hey, do tater tots count as fries? While there’s something irresistibly delicious about a well-seasoned, house-cut fry, my heart belongs to the loaded kind. These generously topped masterpieces elevate fries from a simple side to the main attraction.

Little Palace Restaurant (240 S 4th St)

Poutine Fries: treat yourself to a plate of thick wedge fries, each one smothered in rich brown gravy and topped with melty cheddar cheese curds and tender beef short rib. 

The Thurman Cafe (183 Thurman Ave)

Loaded Fries: a generous basket of hand-cut fries, piled high with savory coney sauce, crispy bacon, and melted cheddar. And, of course, I’m grabbing that side of ranch for dipping – because what’s a feast of fries without the creamy dip of ranch?


Pierogi Mountain (105 N Grant Ave)

Hungarian Poutine Fries: crispy fries drenched in either rich chicken paprikash or hearty mushroom stroganoff. Each fry is generously topped with shredded cheddar, creating a perfect fusion of flavors. For the plant-based crowd, they’ve got you covered with a tasty vegan cheese sauce option. 

King Gyros Greek Restaurant (400 S Hamilton Rd)

Greek Fries: a generous portion of fresh-cut fries, with crumbled feta cheese, red wine vinegar, banana peppers, black olives, olive oil, and a blend of Greek herbs. This medley not only packs a flavor punch but also offers a delightful textural contrast, making it a must-try for any fry super fan.

Service Bar (1230 Courtland Ave)

Duck Fat French Fries: triple-cooked for that crispy on the outside, fluffy on the inside texture. They step it up a notch with the rich flavor of duck fat and a sprinkle of premium Maldon salt. These fries are a decadent treat you won’t want to miss.

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