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Here are the top 3 ‘Hole in the Wall’ restaurants, according to national travel guide

Here are the top 3 ‘Hole in the Wall’ restaurants, according to national travel guide

Sav McKee

They’re affordable, they’re unique, they’re nostalgic, and really, they’re authentic. They’re…hole in the walls.

Here in Columbus, we have a ton of them for pretty much any food preference, but Our Big Escape, a national travel guide, has highlighted the top three hidden gems in particular that hold a special place in our hearts. 

#1. Stav’s Diner
2932 E. Broad St.

Photo by John S. via Yelp

If you’ve never heard of Stav’s, you’re seriously in for a treat. While Columbus has some of the best diners in all of Ohio, those diners are usually packed with long wait times; everyone seems to know about them. But this family-owned breakfast joint churns out their customers fast, and it’s still considered pretty secretive, maybe due to the fact it’s hidden in a discreet strip mall. While here, you can enjoy breakfast and lunch classics made on a stove-top right in front of you, and delicious, always hot coffee, all in a cozy atmosphere. Try a traditional breakfast platter, with eggs, hash browns, toast, and pancakes, or opt for their famous “Stav’s Special Burger,” if you’re in the mood for lunch instead.


#2. Little Palace
240 S. 4th St.

Photo by Laura Stalter via Google Photos

“Little Palace is undeniably one of the best hole-in-the-wall joints in Columbus,” said this travel guide. Located on 4th street, the classic neon sign almost resembles something you’d see in New York City, and I’d say the inside reflects that sentiment, too. With dimly lit lamps setting a cozy, intimate atmosphere, and a menu that features small plates, gyros, and Neapolitan pizzas, it’s definitely one of Columbus’ best kept secrets. 

#3. The Old Mohawk
819 Mohawk St.

Photo by DJ via Google Photos

They’re not joking around with the word “Old” in the restaurant name. This German Village eatery has been serving food since 1933, and with the exposed brick, rich history, and no-frills menu, all tucked away on a house-lined street, it’s no wonder that Our Big Escape considers it one of the best hole-in-the-walls in Columbus. They offer classic American bar-fare, like Club Sandwiches, Quesadillas, Nachos, Salads, and even Fish & Chips.

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