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Italian-born family launches “authentic Italian” mobile pizza concept

Italian-born family launches “authentic Italian” mobile pizza concept

Jack McLaughlin

The Trapasso family is bringing a slice of Italy to central Ohio.

Michele Trapasso, with help from his 12 year son, Francesco, has opened a new pizza cart called Pizza Hot on the Spot, relying on an “authentic Italian recipe” and quality ingredients. 

“Since cooking has been my passion since a was a kid, I started baking pizza for friends and family using a conventional oven at home, then I purchased a small outdoor oven and noticed that my pizza was getting better every time,” said Michele Trapasso, who was born in Italy and relocated to the United States with his family 12 years ago.


As Pizza Hot on the Spot relies on a traditional Italian recipe, just cheese and pepperoni varieties are offered.

Operating out of a custom food cart with tents, the new mobile pizzeria has set up shop in the Canal Winchester area.  A schedule detailing where Michele and Francesco will be on given days can be found on its social media accounts.

Trapasso said Pizza Hot on the Spot does not have a set location, but sets up shop at a number of locations in the area on days the cart does not a private event booked.

The new pizza concept relies on an outdoor pizza oven that reaches temperatures of 1,000 degrees and can bake a pizza in just 90 seconds, according to Trapasso.

Pizza Hot on the Spot is currently a passion project for the family, but Trapasso said the pizzeria may look for a brick and mortar home in the future.

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