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Local chef & bartender opening a New York & Parisian inspired wine shop & tasting bar

Local chef & bartender opening a New York & Parisian inspired wine shop & tasting bar

Sav McKee

Adam Fleischer has spent the past 32 years of his life in the food & drink industry. He opened a small eatery near campus decades ago, he’s worked as a chef, a sommelier, a server, a bartender, and he’s even owned local shops around town in the past.

And he’s not stopping there. Fleischer, his artistic wife, Samantha Smith, and their business partner, Amy Ashcraft, are opening a cozy, New York-meets-Paris inspired wine shop – making this Fleischer’s first time opening his own store from the ground up even though he’s worked at countless of other establishments throughout Central Ohio.

Village Wine Company, which will be located at 126 South Main St. in Granville, OH is, “My first shop where I’ve started from scratch,” emphasized Fleischer. “It’s a whole new experience for me and for my wife and for my business partner. It’s been great working together to figure this out.”

Granville’s newest (and only) wine shop, located right across from Seek No Further Cidery, hopes to bring the community in for wine, beer, and cocktail choices they can’t find anywhere else in the Granville area. They’ll feature unique, curated wines and beers from smaller producers, and even natural wines “that I think are not on the weird end of the spectrum,” laughed Fleischer. Fleischer and his team are trying to minimize redundancy, and therefore, competition in the area, by paying attention to what other people in the area are offering, and then supplementing the items in their shop with options that aren’t available elsewhere. 

Along with those libations, Village Wine Company will also offer pre-made cocktails, hardware, and other drink-making necessities, plus local charcuterie, locally made cheeses from Black Radish Creamery down the street, and homemade breads.


Instead of driving around to a bunch of stores in the area, this can be your one-stop-shop. “We want to give people the tools to feel confident to host a party and have fun at home!” said Fleischer. 

Maybe staying in isn’t really your thing though, and you’d rather go out? You can do that here, too. They’ll offer a tasting bar, cozy sipping nooks, and a leather couch, all in a quaint environment designed by Samantha Smith, who graduated from CCAD and is an expert at visual marketing and installation art. She currently works for a museum, and the bright and airy space is bound to make you feel your best, whether that means grabbing a bottle to-go, or enjoying a charcuterie platter and a Pinot Gris at the bar.

Although a curated wine collection can sound a bit intimidating, Fleischer never wants anyone to feel embarrassed about having questions. “If someone comes in and they’re unsure of what type of Chardonnay to get, I’ll grab a bottle off the shelf, open it right there, and we’ll try it together to see if they like it. Then we’ll go from there,” he remarked.

They’ll also offer a monthly wine and beer club, with curated boxes based on different criteria each month. Those boxes will be available for pick-up or local delivery around the Granville area.

Village Wine Company is hoping to be open & ready right before Christmas, but it just depends on permits. Fleischer said it could be closer to around the New Year. You can follow along on their journey on their Instagram.


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