McDonald’s is testing a new sippy cup-style lid to replace straws

Jack McLaughlin

McDonald’s is looking head into a strawless future.

According to a story published by Restaurant Business Online, the burger giant recently began testing a strawless, sippy cup-style lid with drink orders.

Similar to the type of lid Starbucks began implemented several years ago, the McDonald’s drink top features a pullback tab that exposes a small, crescent-shaped hole to drink from. The tab can be closed to cover the drink when it’s being transported.

Customer photo via Facebook


According to the Restaurant Business Online story, the move aims to “optimize packaging” and eliminate the use of small plastics in an overall effort to reduce waste.

The lids are currently being tested in Minneapolis. Customers at locations where the new lid is being tested now must allegedly request a straw to receive one.  A timeline for when they would be implemented nationwide isn’t clear yet.

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